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The high quality of every product is very important to Ethan.  Every product is made on demand.

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About Ethan


Ethan E. Wise, MA is a mental health counselor, hypnotist, neurofeedback trainer, herbalist, craniosacral therapist, and studies the ancient Chinese art of QiGong energy healing along with western alchemical traditions.  Ethan enjoys harvesting wild plants, making the highest quality vinegar, fermenting vegetables, extracting essence of plants, and practicing the ancient art of distillation .





About Alchemy



About Colloids


Colloidal metals are …
Colloidal gold and silver ..

Learn more about colloidal gold here, colloidal silver here.





About Our Vinegar


     The word vinegar is derived from ………………………. .
     Vinegar is made from alcohol.  Vinegar is well documented to have many positive qualities including: preservation, extraction, as well as helping digestion.
     Our vinegar is made from organic grapes, and is triple distilled (elevated and spiritualized) in lab-grade glass-ware, making it very pure and potent.

     When used to extract the essence of herbs, it extracts the deepest qualities of the plant. Chemically, vinegar is superior to alcohol extraction because it extracts more of the beneficial and potent minerals.